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High-resolution terrain and vegetation models:

      This project for GDATP is an important step for cardinal improving of our ability for modeling of terrain with accuracy 30-100 cm. As result of this project were prepared and developed next products:

1. Digital Terrain Models (bare earth) on level DTED-5 (1-m resolution) and DTED-6 (30-cm resolution). Fig.1 shows samples of DTM with resolution near DTED-5.

2. Vegetation models of two types. Totally about 5 millions of models of foliage objects were extracted from LIDAR data.

3. Intensity imagery, that presents IR-albedo of terrain with same resolution as DTM.

4. Techniques of tracking and estimation of all possible sources of errors in DTM, including budget of errors for each pixel.

5. Document "Description and Specification of Data Products (DTM/Foliage database)".

6. Document "LIDAR and Imagery Data Collection Requirements to Support the Generation of Synthetic Scenes and Digital Terrain Models" which use solid experience of GIST team and results achieved under this project.

Fig.2 shows a reason why LIDAR data collection requirement is vital for generation of high-fidelity DTM.

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Fig. 1. High-resolution terrain on DTED-5 level with RMSE ~ 6 cm.
DTM from 3DI data
DTM from Airborne-1 data

Fig. 2. DTMs with 2-m resolution for MD tile (1800x1200 m, MD/DNR) generated from LIDAR data from two different vendors. Both vendors promised good quality for similar prices, but final product was bad for one set of data (top) and good for other (bottom DTM).
To get good LIDAR data you must provide detailed requirement for collection of LIDAR data and use service from qualified and independent experts.

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